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Hi! My name is Amy, and I am a Female Hormone and Nutrition Specialist. I am also an RN, wife, and mom of 3 kids. My former career and passion are in fitness, personal training, and teaching group exercise classes.

Health is a top priority in my life and always has been, but three years ago, my health worsened.
I was chronically exhausted, sick all the time, and always in pain, and things that used to excite me no longer did. I continued to gain weight despite exercising six days a week, eating clean and counting calories. I didn’t have the drive, motivation, or energy I once had. I wasn’t thriving, and I was barely surviving.
As hard as it was, I quit my nursing career to focus on my health and my family.
Although I was diagnosed with many autoimmune conditions and hypothyroidism, I knew something else was happening.
After ten years of going through conventional medicine with no answers, I went the holistic route. I realized through DUTCH Hormone, GI-MAP, and Mycotoxin testing that I had severe hormonal imbalances, gut dysfunction, and significant mold toxicity. There was no “medicine” to fix these issues, but my symptoms have drastically improved through nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and supplementation.
I am happy to say I am finally thriving! I feel alive again, happy and energized! I am also the most fit I have ever been and feel confident in my body.
I had so much success with my health that I became certified as a holistic hormone specialist so I could help those struggling like I was.
My purpose and mission are to find the root cause of your symptoms and provide a solution to achieve optimal health so you can look, feel, and perform at your best.