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Fat Loss Optimization Package

What's Included?

  1. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Test:

    • Discover the root cause of your symptoms with our non-invasive HTMA test.
    • Gain insights into your body's mineral levels, heavy metal toxicity, and system imbalances.
    • Understand how mineral imbalances may be contributing to issues such as weight gain, hormonal acne, fatigue, and slow metabolism.
    • Receive a personalized healing protocol tailored to address your body's specific needs.  
    • Includes a 60-minute consultation to review your results and discuss your personalized plan in detail.
  2. 45-Minute Nutritional Consultation:

    • Dive deep into your current diet, exercise routine, and supplement regimen with a dedicated nutrition consultation.
    • Receive customized macronutrient recommendations for optimal fat loss and energy balance.
    • Learn practical strategies for incorporating balanced meals, even when dining out or on the go.
    • Get expert advice on exercise and movement tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle.
    • Explore supplementation recommendations to support your unique needs and symptoms.