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What do hormones have to do with weight loss??

Oct 10, 2022

Do you ever wonder why when you go on a diet with your significant other/husband, they seem to lose weight effortlessly and you struggle?

Maybe they lose 20 pounds in the time that it takes you to lose 3 lbs? 🙋‍♀️

Most weight loss approaches are based on the male body and do not consider the 28-day female cycle. This is why you may do a “diet” and your partner/husband, and he drops 20 pounds, and you lose 2 lbs.

What do hormones have to do with weight loss??


Eating less and exercising more is not the answer. Restriction is not the answer.

Diets are going to leave you feeling burnt out, having cravings, hungry, constipated, exhausted, and having low libido. Not to mention, Under-eating causes hormonal damage and slow metabolism.

✨I like to take a different weight loss approach specific to females. We work with your body instead of against it.

✅We test your hormones to know what’s happening in your body.
✅We improve insulin sensitivity.
✅We work on repairing your metabolism.
✅We heal your adrenal glands and improve your cortisol.
✅We decrease inflammation and improve detoxification.
✅We cycle sync to maximize fat burning 🔥.
✅We use carbs strategically depending on where you are at in your cycle.
✅We do nutrition-supported intermittent fasting.

You get increased and sustained energy throughout the day, a balanced mood, mental clarity, increased motivation, and effortless fat loss.

Are you looking for a personalized approach to hormone balance and weight loss? 

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