What is an HTMA Test?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a functional test that uses a small amount of hair to assess your body’s mineral levels, heavy metals, and which systems in your body are stressed (adrenals, thyroid, digestion, liver, blood sugar regulation, overall metabolism, etc).

An HTMA test shows the last 3 months of mineral levels in a person’s tissues whereas a blood test is a snapshot in time and is bound in blood. Minerals are essential for balanced hormones, healthy digestion, healthy adrenal and thyroid function, energy, and a strong metabolism because they are needed for every enzyme reaction in the body.

Imbalanced or depleted minerals will cause symptoms in the body. This test will provide me with essential information on your mineral levels that show me where your imbalances are contributing to poor digestion/gut health, thyroid and/or adrenal dysfunction, blood sugar regulation issues, weight gain, hormonal acne, fatigue, and a slow metabolism.

The HTMA test allows me to see where your imbalances are so I can create a healing protocol based on what your body needs specifically.

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