End the frustrating cycle of dieting once and for all.


Most women are not eating enough calories throughout the day. A low calorie diet may work initially to lose weight but eventually it stops working.

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This is due to metabolic function slowing down. This low-calorie approach slows total hormone production, such as thyroid, aka metabolism. If you combine a low-calorie diet with over-exercising, it will backfire and cause fat storage. By eating enough calories, your body will feel safe to let go of the extra weight again.  

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The most common macronutrient I find women are missing is protein. Protein is the building block of muscle. The more muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn. Protein is essential for energy, mood, fat loss, sleep, and detoxification. By eating enough protein, you will not only feel better, but your body will function better as a whole. When our body functions better, weight loss becomes effortless. 

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Another common mistake I see women make is intermittent fasting like a man. Fasting is an excellent tool that can help women burn fat, increase energy, and regulate insulin, Leptin, and ghrelin (hunger hormones) if done correctly. However, if you are fasting with just water, This causes stress on an already stressed-out body. It’s important for women to prep their bodies before a fast and to get nutrients and minerals in during the fast so that it doesn’t cause an increase in cortisol/stress (exactly what we don’t want).

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Another great fat-burning tactic is eating in accordance with your cycle. This means adding in warming/cooling foods based on where you are in your cycle and adding in seed cycling. This will help your body make and maintain the correct amount of hormones at the right time. Even if you are in menopause or no longer have a cycle, this still works!! You are still cycling hormones but just on a smaller scale.

I'm Ready for a Change!

It's time to make a change that is sustainable long-term and balances hormones, maximizes fat loss, increases metabolism, and reduces inflammation.

What's included:

•45 minute consultation

•Full review of current diet

•Customized macronutrients for carbs, fat, and protein for fat loss

•Teach you how to incorporate customized macronutrients for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks using the foods you like, several options for each meal

•Recipes for low carb desserts and snacks

•Teach you the tools to make blood sugar-balanced meals when dining out or when not using suggested meals

•Full review of current exercise and movement

•Customized exercise and movement recommendations based on goals

•Review of current supplements

•Recommendations for supplementation based on symptoms


I'm Ready for a Change!